Dance Dimension Studio



All students must have a completed registration form on file with the studio to actively participate in studio activities.

There is a $35 non-refundable registration fee.  The registration fee is waived for any previously enrolled student.


General Liability Release Waiver (updated June 2020 with COVID-19 language)

I release Dance Dimension, it’s instructors, independent contractors, and all other associates from liability for harm, theft, or injury that may be suffered by me and/or members of my family traveling to or from or during participation in activities and programs at or sponsored by Dance Dimension. I hereby acknowledge that I am voluntarily assuming full responsibility for all risks of physical injury arising out of active participation in a dance class or other dance related activities. I acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and other contagious diseases and viruses and voluntary assume the risk that I and/or my children may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by attending and participating and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and death. I understand that the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by COVID-19 and other contagious diseases and viruses may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of myself and others, including, but not limited to, employees, independent contractors, volunteers, and program participants and their families. I release Dance Dimension, its instructors, independent contractors and all associates from liability for harm, injury or death pertaining to COVID-19 and other contagious diseases and viruses. I understand that there are NO refunds for registration fees, costume, recital fees or classes. I understand and agree to Dance Dimension policies and procedures. I understand that my student must have this release form signed before attending class. I give permission to Dance Dimension to use pictures and or video of my child for advertising purposes in print, promotional videos and on the website.


  1. Monthly Newsletter - A monthly newsletter is emailed to all families reminding them of events that month
  2. Email - in most cases, a group email is sent to inform families of any issues, news or announcements
  3. Facebook: Dance Dimension Family Page - easiest way to share the latest information, photos, and news about Dance Dimension
  4. Remind Text App - best way to find out about event reminders, school cancellations and more. 
  5. In-Studio Bulletins / Announcements - posted in the waiting room of the studio.

COVID-19 POLICIES UPDATE (effective April 1, 2020)

In accordance with all state recommended guidelines we require the following; 

  1. Be aware of Covid-19 symptoms and check the CDC website for updates.
  2. Dancers and staff should only be at the studio if feeling well with no symptoms of illness.
  3. If a dancer or staff has been diagnosed with COVID-19, he or she will need a doctor's note to return to the studio.
  4. If a dancer or staff member has an immediate family member diagnosed with COVID-19 should notify the studio immediately.
  5. Dancers must keep all water bottles and personal belongings in their bags or leave them in their vehicle.
  6. Dancers should not use friends phones, personal effects or share water bottles.
  7. To encourage all social distancing recommendations, we ask that students enter the studio no more than 5 minutes  prior to the scheduled start of his or her class to allow for the prior class to leave and a disinfecting of common areas between classes.
  8. The waiting room will be limited to 1 family member per child family for Toddler, Preschool and Kindercombo classes.  We ask that families of all other classes drop off or wait in their vehicle to ensure our best practices of social distancing.
  9. Dance Dimension is utilizing an online billing system for all students beginning in September 2020 to reduce the need to come into the studio.  We will continue to accept cash and check at the studio by placing payment with the invoice in the tuition drop box at the front desk if needed.
  10. The CDC states that if we all behave as if we are an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19, we will help reduce infection in a closed environment.

With any dance class setting or physical activity in groups, there is an inherent risk of illness  


All students must have hair pulled back and secured from neck and face.  No jewelry that will interfere with movement such as rings, necklaces or hoop earrings.  Correct color leotard and tights are required as well as the appropriate  STUDIO APPROVED dance shoes.  In some classes, studio apparel such as shorts and t-shirts are permissible over the leotard.  Students are not permitted to actively participate in class if they are not dressed appropriately.  The dress code for each class is emailed at the beginning of the year and will be posted in the studio as well as on the Parent's Page of our website.


Sharing our love of the performing arts is supposed to be fun and bring people together.  Our studio strives to be an atmosphere of positive reinforcement, teamwork and love of the performing arts.  Each class and its students are expected to be one cohesive unit.  We encourage individuality with mutual respect for our fellow performers.  Bullying, critical comments, or actions by anyone in conflict with our code of conduct is not tolerated and this individual may be asked to leave the studio.  This includes actions at the studio or performance events as well as social media.           

If there have any issues or concerns about the teacher, the class, or the studio, we ask that a private meeting can be scheduled with the studio manager or director to resolve.  Discussing issues privately allows your concern to be taken seriously, attempts to resolve them occur quickly, and help make other members of our “dance family” remain comfortable at the studio.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in advance.


Attendance and participation is imperative for a dance student to progress. Proper technique and dance skills are accomplished through practice and patience.  Our studio operates on the assumption that our performing arts program takes priority over any other activity or interest.  Advancement to the next level may not be possible due to poor attendance. If a dancer has inconsistent attendance, participation in the recital is solely at the discretion of the teachers and the studio director. No refunds on missed classes nor on costume purchases. 

Please email the office or call us if your child will not be at dance.  Our make-up procedure is to ask the teacher after the conclusion of the next class and ask which class is best to attend as a make-up.  The class should be made up within 30 days of the missed class.  There is no makeup classes offered after May 15th.  There is no refund, credit or exchange for any class that is not made up due to absence.

The studio is scheduled to be closed during school vacations and most national holidays.  Our monthly newsletter will confirm any days that are scheduled off.  If classes are cancelled due to an unforeseen event, such as inclement weather, make up classes are available at the parents request.  As parents of school-aged children ourselves, we make every effort to support our own children’s interests and endeavors outside the dance studio.  In the event that one of these occasions conflict with a normally scheduled class, efforts to secure a substitute instructor will be made.  If we are unable to secure a substitute, an announcement during the next class will include the make-up date and times available.  In the event that the instructor postpones class due to illness, the make-up class policy should be followed.


Students often start the year with one class and then want to add to their dance training.  Tuition and costume adjustments will need to be made accordingly and past due balances will be immediately come due prior to adding to training.  If a class is withdrawn, the price adjustment will take effect the beginning of the following month and any credits due from over payments (if applicable) will be credited to the account. 

If a parent or student withdraws from the studio, all payments for tuition, costumes, and any other fee or payment is forfeited.  There is no refund, credit or exchange under any circumstances.

If you withdraw before September 4, 2018, any tuition paid will be refunded.  Starting September 4, 2018 refunds will not be issued for tuition, registration fees, recital tickets, or costume balances.  No exceptions.  There will be no refunds for a student’s absence from class. 

If class enrollment does not exceed five students, the class may be cancelled and students will be reassigned to another class.  Refunds will be issued only if the studio cancels a class and another class is not an option.


  1. There is no smoking in the studio or in parking lot.  This would include vaping and other non-smoke tobacco products
  2. No gum chewing at the studio.
  3. Students requiring food/beverages in studio.  Water bottles labeled with your child's name are permitted.  A dry, odorless sack is permitted that does not contain nuts and is limited to the waiting room or Studio B.
  4. Cell phones are to remain in student's bags during class.  In the event that parents require the phone be accessible during class, phone can be left with the instructor at the sound table in the event of emergency.  


The annual cost of the program is divided into 10 evenly distributed installments that are due the 1st day of each month from September 1st to June 1st.  Tuition is based on a yearly rate, from September through May/June, paid in ten payments.  Our program is a Thirty Seven (37) Week dance program (does not include school vacations)  Thirty-two (32) lessons are included in the calculation of your tuition (not including dress rehearsal).  We do this to account for weather cancellations and potential unforeseen events, however these classes can be made up upon your request.  Some months have three classes while other months have five classes.  Monthly payment installments remain the same throughout the year.  We do not prorate tuition for any reason.  Holidays and closures are already calculated into your ten payments.  If joining a class after the first week of that month, the full payment installment must be made for that month and makeups in similar classes are encouraged for any missed weeks.

Our studio’s monthly payment includes the tuition for classes as well as the June recital costumes, recital finale t-shirt as well as a copy of the recital DVD (1 per family).  Costumes for our competition teams as well as our theater company are paid separately and not included in the monthly payment.  (The toddler classes do not include any recital fees such as t-shirt, costume, DVD, etc)

We accept cash, check, and credit card (MC/Visa) as payment methods.  We do have the ability to set up auto-invoicing for those customers wishing to pay on-line or have their payments auto-deducted.  Payments are considered late if not paid by the 10th of the month.  Any payment received after the 10th of the month should include a $15 late fee.

A $25 fee is charged for any check that is returned for insufficient funds


We offer a 10% discount for families enrolling multiple students for the monthly payment only.  The discount does not apply to team fees, summer programs, semi-private or private classes or apparel orders.

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