Dance Dimension General Studio Policies & Liability Release

Monthly Newsletter

Each month, we email a monthly newsletter that will provide reminders and upcoming events. We also post a copy of the newsletter on the bulletin board at the studio. We strongly recommend making sure that your email address is on our mailing list to make sure you are up to date with all the fun things going on at the studio.

General Liability Release (as seen on Registration Form)

I attest that I am/ my child is in adequate physical condition to participate in performance arts classes at Dance Dimension. I recognize that there are particular risks involved in any dance and/or performing arts class. I agree to assume all responsibility of all injuries or damages that arise from my / my child’s involvement in any activity of Dance Dimension. With understanding and agreeing to the above statement, I hereby release and deem harmless Dance Dimension, its teachers, staff, volunteers, and vendors of any and all liability or claim for injury. Loss of property, harm, or damage sustained as a result of my / my child’s participation in Dance Dimension classes and activities. I consent to Dance Dimension’s use of studio-related photographs and/or video of me / my child on the studio website, promotional materials, and social media.

Dress Code

All students must have hair pulled back and secured from neck and face. No jewelry that will interfere with movement such as rings, necklaces or hoop earrings. Leotard and tights are required as well as the appropriate dance shoes. In some classes, studio apparel such as shorts and t-shirts are permissible over the leotard. Students are not permitted to actively participate in class if they are not dressed appropriately.


Costumes are required for each routine that a student will be performing in the year end recital. For our combo, classical ballet and hip hop classes, the cost of the costumes are included in the monthly payment. This includes the costume(s), its accessories if applicable, and a pair of tights, as well as the finale t-shirt. Costumes for our Competition Dance Team and DD Theater Company are paid separately. The payment schedule and policies are outlined in the Dance Team and/or Theater Company contracts.

Code of Conduct

Sharing our love of the performing arts is supposed to be fun and bring people together. Our studio strives to be an atmosphere of positive reinforcement, teamwork and love of the performing arts. Each class and its students are expected to be one cohesive unit. We encourage individuality with mutual respect for our fellow performers. Bullying, critical comments, or actions by anyone in conflict with our code of conduct is not tolerated and this individual may be asked to leave the studio. This includes actions at the studio or performance events as well as social media.

If there have any issues or concerns about the teacher, the class, or the studio, we ask that a private meeting can be scheduled with the studio manager or director to resolve. Discussing issues privately allows your concern to be taken seriously, attempts to resolve them occur quickly, and help make other members of our “dance family” remain comfortable at the studio. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in advance.

Waiting Room

We welcome families to stay at the studio but ask that you remain in the designated seated area. Please do not allow siblings to run around and play in the other areas of the studio. For your convenience there is a close circuit television in the waiting area so parents can watch children. Equipment such as ballet barres, yoga mats and exercise balls are not to be used without an instructor present.

Attendance& Class Make-Up Policy

Attendance and participation is imperative for a dance student to progress. Proper technique and dance skills are accomplished through practice and patience. Our studio operates on the assumption that our performing arts program takes priority over any other activity or interest. Advancement to the next level may not be possible due to poor attendance. If a dancer has inconsistent attendance, participation in the recital is solely at the discretion of the teachers and the studio director. No refunds on missed classes nor on costume purchases.

Please email the office or call us if your child will not be at dance. Our make-up procedure is to ask the teacher after the conclusion of the next class and ask which class is best to attend as a make-up. The class needs to be made up within 30 days of the missed class. There is no makeup classes offered after May 15th. There is no refund, credit or exchange for any class that is not made up due to absence.

Cell Phones

We ask that cell phones remain in student bags during class and are put on silent mode. Any parent/student that requires the phone be accessible during class should for “special circumstances” (important news, etc.) meet with the teacher prior to the start of the class to make arrangements.

Class Cancellation Policy

The studio is scheduled to be closed during school vacations and most national holidays. Our monthly newsletter will confirm any days that are scheduled off. If classes are cancelled due to an unforeseen event, such as inclement weather, make up classes are available at the parents request. As parents of school-aged children ourselves, we make every effort to support our own children’s interests and endeavors outside the dance studio. In the event that one of these occasions conflict with a normally scheduled class, efforts to secure a substitute instructor will be made. If we are unable to secure a substitute, an announcement during the next class will include the make-up date and times available. In the event that the instructor postpones class due to illness, the make-up date and time will be announced at the following class.

No Smoking Policy

There is no smoking permitted anywhere on the studio facility including the parking lot.

Lost & Found

Throughout the year, we accumulate quite a lost and found collection. There are jackets, studio gear, personal clothing, etc. All items will be donated during our December vacation and right after the recital…so if you are missing items, please check the lost and found bin right away. The studio is not responsible for any items that are lost, damaged or stolen. Each year, several moms and dads become frustrated that their child lost a shoe or some other item. We all know that dance shoes are expensive. We recommend when your child comes to class to arrive with all gear and personal items in a dance bag and keeps his or her items in the bag during class. We also recommend that shoes and other items that will look identical to their classmates have their names on the (inside). Lastly, it’s always wise to make sure you have everything prior to leaving the studio or a performance.

Adding/Dropping classes during year, Withdrawal from program

Students often start the year with one class and then want to add to their dance training. Tuition and costume adjustments will need to be made accordingly and past due balances will be immediately come due prior to adding to training. If a class is withdrawn, the price adjustment will take effect the beginning of the following month and any credits due from over payments will be credited to the account.

If a parent or student wishes to withdraw from the studio, we need to be notified. Billing will continue until we have received notification that the student is no longer attending classes. The withdrawal will be effective the beginning of the following month and all payments for tuition, costumes, and any other fee or payment received to that point is forfeited. There is no refund, credit or exchange under any circumstances.

Food/Beverage Policy

Dry odorless snacks are permitted assuming the student respects the cleanliness of the studio. Water is permitted assuming the student properly disposes of any bottles or trash. No other beverage is permitted in the dance rooms. Any beverage that is left unattended will be discarded. We ask that foods that contain nuts are not brought to the studio as children with allergies can be affected. Chewing gum is not permitted at the studio.