Dance Dimension


Xanadu Collaborative is an organization made up of young adults using the arts to promote positivity, and a healthy connection of mind, body, and spirit.  With their talents of artistic expression; their mission is to entertain, inspire, and promote living life with a happy and healthy mindset. They sponsor events at the studio throughout the year including paint nights, wellness and holistic events.  Many events are free or donation only; any net proceeds from these events fund various programs throughout the year or are donated to local charity.


Our campaign “You Rock!” in partnership with Dance Dimension was designed to help raise awareness for suicide prevention. Students will be designing rocks with words of inspiration to spreading throughout our community. My hope is to show that there is always someone out there to lend their kindness and support.

This cause is very dear and personal to me as I have seen students, and friends struggle; I would like to dedicate this project in their memory as well as to my foster brother Bobby, who I waited so long to reconnect with, but never got the chance.

Let’s work together to help those who are struggling today, so that they may have a tomorrow.

Miss Laurie