Dance Dimension


Laurie Healey: Studio Director                                                                                                                         Laurie graduated from Bridgewater State with her BA in Dance,Theater and Speech Communications.  Laurie served as the Bridgewater State Dance Company President for 3 years. Upon graduation, Laurie began her career as a school teacher while teaching dance at local studios. In 2001 opened Dance Dimension out of her Whitman home starting with just 16 students. 

Over the past 25 years, Laurie has worked as a coach, director, and choreographer for St. Bridget's School, Thayer Academy, South Shore Vocational, Meetinghouse Montessori School and Whitman-Hanson Regional High School. Laurie has 25 years of experience in training stage performers as well as teaching school-aged children. Laurie is a member of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), a board member of the Massachusetts Dance Education Organization (MDEO), and a member of the Bridgewater State University Dance Advisory Committee. Laurie is a life-long Whitman resident, a 1994 graduate of Whitman-Hanson Regional High School, and a married mother of four girls.

Michelle Warshaw, Dance Instructor                                                                                                                  Miss Michelle has worked at Dance Dimension since 2003.  With over 35 years of dance training as an amateur and professional performer, Michelle has earned national titles for both her performances and choreography.  Michelle graduated from Bridgewater State with her degrees in Theater, Dance, and Speech Communications as well as Early Childhood Education.  Michelle has worked as a instructor and choreographer since 2005 for Kinder-Dance, several local studios and civic groups. Michelle lives locally and is a married mother of 3 children.

Susan Thorn, Dance Instructor                                                                                                                         Miss Suzie joins Dance Dimension this year with over 25 years of dance training as a performer and teacher.  Suzie graduated from Bridgewater State where as a member of the Dance Company she served as the Vice-President.  Miss Suzie is a graduate of the Dance Teacher's Club of Boston certification program and is currently the director of the dance program at the Stoughton YMCA.  Suzie lives locally and is a married mother of 3 children.

Samantha Healey, Dance & Theater Instructor                                                                         Miss Samantha is an alumni of Dance Dimension.  She has received regional and national titles as a performer and student choreographer.  Samantha has received multiple performing arts scholarships including a 2015 scholarship to train in Miami, Florida with Angel and Victor from Stars Studio, the coaches of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 winner Ricky Ubeda. Samantha is an accomplished stage actress having leading roles in Annie, Aladdin, and West Side Story.  Samantha is currently continuing her performing arts education at BSU.

Jenna Kardoose, Vocal Coach & Activities Instructor                                                                            Miss Jenna joined the team in 2015 and is an alumni student of our studio.  Jenna runs several special programs offered at the studio including our vocal coach, "Lego Club" advisor and is our guest academic tutor for those families interested.  She is currently working on her degree as a school science teacher.  Jenna  has received recognition and praise as both a talented choreographer and stage performer.  Jenna is an accomplished dancer, stage actress and singer with leading roles in Grease, Jungle Book, Phantom Tollbooth and other local productions.  She is currently the choreographer and vocal arranger of her university's acapella group, Noteworthy.

Dylan Crowley, Theater Instructor                                                                                                           Mr. Dylan joins our this year and is an alumni student of our studio.  Dylan is currently working on his college degree in the film industry.  Dylan is an accomplished stage actor with leading roles in Grease, Jungle Book, and Phantom Tollbooth and other local productions.  He is co-directing our musical theater stage and performance team performances.

Gabby Morse, Administrative Assistant, Photographer                                                                          Miss Gabby joined the team in 2015 and is an alumni student of our studio.  In addition to Gabby's duties at our front desk, she is a professional photographer responsible for the studio's promotional and marketing photography. Gabby's efforts extend outside the studio as a freelance field work with models in the community as the owner of Morse Photography & Video.  

Mellissa Healey, Student Assistant

Marissa Gemmel, Student Assistant

Alyssa Warshaw, Student Assistant

Alyssa Invernizzi, Student Assistant

Alexah Sloan, Student Assistant