Dance Dimension Competitive Dance Team Policies & Parent/Student Agreement

Welcome to Dance Team

Our dance team provides students an opportunity to learn, advance, showcase, and compete. Team activities include competing in regional dance competitions, featured performances in our studio stage productions as well as potential opportunities throughout the year. Past dance teams have trained with the Radio City Rockettes in NYC, Belly Queen Dance Theater, Stars Dance Company as well as renowned industry professional throughout the world. We have performed in Disney World, at the TD Garden as the Boston Celtics pregame entertainment, as well as several other team, groups and charitable organizations throughout the region.

Dance team requires a high level of commitment for both the dancer and dance family. As with any team or organized group, instructors assume that each student in dance team is fully committing themselves to the dance program. Our expectations are established with the focus of both personal growth for the individual performer and the success of the team as a group.


In order to be eligible for the Dance Dimension Dance Team;

1. Be at least seven (7) years old and have at least one (1) year of stage performance experience.

2. Attend the dance team intensive over the summer prior to the start of the studio year.

3. Be able to participate in all scheduled dance team performances and rehearsals.

4. Consider dance team performances and rehearsals priority over all other extra-curricular activities.  

5. Not be enrolled in any other performing arts studio or program (excl. approved HS clubs with director approval)

6. Ballet Requirement

a. Team Students Ages 7 – 8 must be enrolled in at least 1 weekly ballet class

b. Team students ages 9+ must be enrolled in at least 2 weekly ballet classes

c. Team students only in the musical theater team class do not have be enrolled in ballet.

If one or more of the eligibility requirements are an issue, please set up a meeting with the studio director prior to making any commitment to the program. Having to withdraw from a scheduled performance or the program mid-year effects timing, choreography and teamwork. It is at the sole discretion of the studio director regarding a student’s eligibility based on the above listed requirements and each student’s situation is considered on a case by case basis.

Dance Team Attitude

Each dance team students are responsible for the energy and attitude he or she brings to the studio. Dance team students should be supportive of one another, have a positive attitude and continually strive to be his or her personal best. Our team students are ambassadors of our studio, community and in most cases, role models to the younger students. Our studio’s dance team has built a strong reputation with venue management, competition directors and other studios of being professional, humble and confident performers and energetic supportive dance parents. Team students must be respectful to performers at other studios and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Bullying in any form or behavior that is considered detrimental to the team’s growth and success are grounds for dismissal from the dance team and if warranted, the studio.

Events like competitions are long, the results vary among each studio, each routine, and each performer. A Judges’ comment is just the opinion of someone that has a snapshot of a performance without any knowledge of the hard work, dedication, ability or experience of the person (or team) on stage. The comments do not define the performance or the performer. They are suggestions to make you better that is all. Having a positive attitude and being open to coaching and improvement suggestions are key to any member of our dance team.

Dance Team Attendance

Attendance is critical for a successful dance team season. To be successful in competition, several hours of rehearsal is required. Things happen (i.e. illness, family emergency, etc.) however the expectation is that scheduled events should be either flexible enough to work around dance team rehearsals/ performances or not participated in by the student. Partnering, formations, synchronization and all other aspects of the performance choreographer require each performer present. Students should plan on arriving 5 – 10 minutes prior to the start of rehearsal.

If a student chooses to participate in another activity that may conflict with their dance training, that student is responsible to obtain the schedule of that activity as soon as possible and set up a meeting with the team instructor to see if any dates affect team eligibility.  It is at the sole discretion of the team instructor regarding a student’s eligibility based on attendance and each matter is considered on a case by case basis. This may require a student to choose between dance team and other activities.

Examples of Excused Absences;

·         Illness or Injury

·         School event/milestone (graduation, prom, 8th grade class trip)

·         Religious event/milestone (confirmation, etc.)

·         Pre-planned family vacation

·         Examples of Unexcused Absences;

·         Birthday party, homework

·         Beach trip, traffic

·         No ride to class

·         Improper rehearsal attire

Team students are not permitted to have more than three (3) “unexcused absences” from team rehearsals or technique classes. More than three “unexcused absences” will require a private or semi-private make up class for an additional fee of $25 per 30-minute session. Persistent absences (5 or more excused OR unexcused absences) may result in removal from team or performance. If you are not certain whether or not an absence is considered “excused” please see the studio director.

Competitions are long days. However, the expectation is that all members of dance team will be present and visible to support their teammates when they are not performing. It is also expected that all members of dance team will remain through the end of the awards ceremony. If there are circumstances that may make this not possible, approval from the studio director is needed prior to the competition and will be handled on a case by case basis.

Dance Team Attire

Dance team students will arrive to class with black leotard, tan convertible tights, correct studio approved shoes, hair pulled back off face and neck in a secured bun unless specified by the instructor. Team students not dressed appropriately for rehearsal will not be permitted to actively participate in class and will be marked as an “unexcused absence.” Each dance team student is required to have our team “2019 Go Green T-shirt as well as our team warm up jacket. Team warm up pants are recommended but are optional.

Dance Team Cost

The annual cost of dance team rehearsals is incorporated into the monthly payment. All remaining costs are the responsibility of the student/parent and have deadlines to ensure eligibility. Competition make-up, earrings, tights and proper dance shoes are the responsibility of the student and are not ordered through the studio. A list of these required items is provided approximately 6 weeks prior to the performance.

Costume Fee

Each team requires one (1) costume for the competition season. Additionally, each team student is required to have one (1) costume for the Winter Showcase in December. While students that are planning on a solo or small group performance in competition are not required to purchase a new costume, the studio director must approve any costume choice to ensure its appropriateness, condition, and that it has not been used in any recent competition performance. Each costume is $80.

Costume pieces cannot be replaced if lost or damaged. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to make sure that the costume is complete and in excellent condition throughout the performance season. It typically takes 10-12 weeks to have a costume ordered and received. It is highly recommended that upon receiving the costume, it is tried on to ensure its fitting, then hung and placed in a safe place to ensure it is not damaged or lost.

Team performance costumes are not included in the monthly payment and are paid for in advance of the competition season. The due date for the costume payment is listed on the team calendar.

Competition Fees

Competition fees required for the spring regional competitions. They are as follows;

·         Large Group/Small Group Performances         $50 per student/per performance

·         Duo/Trio Performances                                    $60 per student/per performance

·         Solo Performances                                            $120 per student/per performance

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Students that wish to compete as a soloist or in a small group need at a minimum of ten (10) 30-minute rehearsals to be competition ready. Private and Semi-Private lessons are $25 per 30-minute rehearsal and must be paid in advance of the lesson. The schedule is typically made 3 – 4 weeks in advance. Private and Semi-Private lessons cancelled because of inclement weather will be made up and scheduled at an agreed day and time. Student cancellations require 1 hour notice. Students are responsible for the $25 lesson fee for no shows or lack of advanced notice on cancellation.

All private and semi-private performers are expected to perform in our Solo and Small Group Cabaret in February. This includes all dance, musical theater and vocal students.

Our private and semi-private rehearsals for those intending on performing in our 2019 competition season begin in the summer of 2018 with the expectation that the music, costume and choreography are finalized by October 1st. By completing the choreography early in the year, we can focus on perfecting the performance without the distraction school work and activities, inclement weather and holiday/vacations. The soloists and small groups also have the advantage of utilizing the large dance floor as the summer months have more flexible scheduling. Once the choreography is complete, periodic rehearsals to put the finishing touches will be scheduled October through February. Lessons conclude with the last regional competition and judge’s comments unless otherwise communicated.

Other Costs

Some team events and performances require admission to the facility, even for the participants. For those fees that the studio can pay in advance, we will schedule a due date. Otherwise, we will communicate the cost and method of payment prior to the event so students/parents can plan accordingly. These events may require travel, food and lodging expenses that is the responsibility of the student/parent. Travel to Regional competitions, destination costs to places such as Disney World, and community events may require additional costs.


Not including the monthly tuition, the average cost of dance team is approximately $500.00. To assist families with the funding of these opportunities, we began fundraising for our dance team students. Each year we hold two fall fundraisers, one which is mandatory.